Models, Actors and all the good lookers.

I’ve had the pleasure to meet so many beautiful people in this world. Models, actors and all the good lookers. People with a great stable job. People with a lot of money. People who have succeeded beyond their years.

And one thing I’ve noticed is that everyone has their insecurities. Whether it is they feel they do not have the best ass, the best nose, the best breasts. Or whether it’s more material such as not having more money, or a better car, house etc etc.

Not kidding, I literally met the most beautiful dark skinned model/actress the other day on a music video shoot. She was absolutely stunning and she had a very good ass. Everyone at the shoot was saying “hashtag goals, I would love that girls ass” when we were shooting and she was on set.


After bonding all day after a 10 hour shoot, all the talent got pretty close and something caught us all off guard. Somehow we were standing outside and this girl somehow stated she hated her ass.  I was absolutely dumbfounded, as we all had looked at her and had been all day saying (behind her back.. no pun intended) we would like to have an ass like hers. Yet she hated her own.

It reminded me so clearly of the Mean Girls scene:


I, for one, knew that my height had been an insecurity when I grew up. I hate being tall. I felt like a giant whilst my cute little friends were all petite and small. Boys as I was growing up were always shorter than me and teasing me how tall I was. And even to this day, I have to very subtly check out if men are taller than me especially when it comes to dating on Tindr. Hashtag Tall girl problems.  Yes superficial much. But things you would have thought weren’t issues, are in the back of my mind.

And again the other day, a short(er) friend was complimenting how she loved how long my legs looked and how she wished she were taller. IF only she knewwwwww!!!!

How funny is it that what we absolutely hated about ourselves, might be what others have been looking up to (again no pun intended).

So why not embrace yourself? Embrace what you absolutely hate about yourself. Love yourself. Love you for you and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. At the end of the day, you spend millions of hours by yourself. You may as well love yourself in your skin and love your own company.

I have finally seen the positives of being tall. I somehow just cut the line to do modelling, I can see clear(er) during concerts and I get to be super lanky when I wear heels. Win.


Love unconditionally,

A tall, lanky



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