Respect yourself.

We have all been in relationships. The good. The bad. Unfortunately, however, sometimes those relationships teach you a thing or two.

I have had the pleasure of a recent break up. Yes I know. Woe is me.

But what all my relationships have taught me, as well as 25 solid and wise years, was to finally respect myself as a person. I think we bombard our brains with the ways we think how other people should perceive us and acceptance of us, rather than focusing on who’s perception is the most important. Ours.

By letting another person’s views affect us, we essentially allow another person to control how we should dress, speak, and or act. And even worse of all.. treated. 

My latest craze on Tinder has allowed me to meet the most amazing individuals. And when I mean amazing, I mean special. Now hear me out.

This is how a Tinder date usually w

ould go:

Meet up. Drinks or coffee at a semi-nice date place with possibly a nice view. Maybe a wonder up/down to somewhere else with a semi-better scenery/view. Before I know, this guy is kissing my face and touching me in places that I didn’t give him permission to.

After knowing someone for possibly about 3-4 hours, this guy thought he had the right to feel me up. Now I know what you’re thinking. Don’t date dickheads. Well unfortunately, you don’t know they are one until you are on a date with them. Better luck next time. Swipe left.

Respecting yourself is knowing that that sort of behaviour is not ok. (Unless, you want to have a little shimmy shimmying, then you go Glen Coco!) It’s slapping him the face, giving him a karate kick, and catching an uber home. But unfortunately, we get so caught up on how this ‘date’ (who you may not ever see again) may think of you. That we are being a ‘frigid’ or ‘boring.’

20110801_60s_shoot_0183 copy.jpg


So many cases I hear of, are women who have a so called ‘boyfriend,’ who constantly tells her that she is stupid. That she is ugly. She is too successful. She is too fat. She is too skinny. What clothes to wear. To wear more make up. To wear less make up. To wear heels. To not wear heels.

They ain’t worth it. Move on.

Have high standards on how to be treated. Don’t lower them because Mr. Shorty here ain’t meeting them. Stick to your values.

Respect yourself. You deserve to be treated like a king or queen. Don’t let somebody else dictate the way you should be treated.

You are all diamonds.

Love yourself.

Love unconditionally,




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