Transcend yourself

10001520_10152329265383420_594375393_nThe great thing about the year ending is being able to reflect on it.

2016, no doubt, has been the best year so far. And hopefully I’ll be able to say that from every year. Why? You ever so patiently ask.

Because I have focused on what has happened rather than what hadn’t. We are so focused on what we don’t have, generally, that we are unable to see the good that we do have.

My new years resolution wasn’t to challenge myself. Rather it was get over a really messy break up. But what I’ve noticed in my year of being single. YES a year, I have challenged myself beyond the point that I thought was imaginable.

I found that I had relied so much on other people to make myself happy, that I had forgotten to make myself happy. I had forgotten that I don’t need anyone to wait to pick up a new skill or travel.

So make 2017 YOUR YEAR.

Pick up that skill that you’ve always wanted to learn.

Learn a different language.

Quit that job and move overseas.

Change professions.

Give more. Love more. Forgive more.

Eat that weird looking thing.

Speak to someone you never thought of speaking to.

Dump that lukewarm relationship.

Because life shouldn’t be lukewarm.


You would be surprised at what you are at your full potential. 


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