Going with the seasons

Disclaimer: After I had written most of this blog post, I myself got severely tested on this exact thing.

Have you been in Winter then wished it were Summer? Or vice versa. Then when you finally reach that season of the year, you started complaining about the things that you were wishing before, just a few months ago- such as the temperature, the wind, the rain.

I would often find myself complaining (to myself) about a rainy day, how it was inconvenient that I couldn’t do things outdoors, it was cold, the nuisance of having to put extra layers and having to bring an umbrella whenever I go out. But after the recent drought in Australia, I found myself praying for the very thing that I used to find annoying and actually noticed that we needed the rain. The crops needed rain, the animals needed rain. As a means to survive, and also thrive. I noticed that the absence of this so called season/weather was indeed detrimental, when reflecting back to what we thought was initially a nuisance.

How are we like this with our lives? Wishing that we were in our next season? I am definitely not good at being present at the moment and I am always wishing for my next breakthrough/season. But I just realised through recent conversations that most of us always want what we do not have… not realising that our current season often is preparing and moulding us for the next season.

I’ll give you an example. This year my acting career has been so fruitful, and I’m only just skimming the surface of the entertainment industry. And by all means, I’m no huge actor but I do believe that with God anything is possible. After my job Fiji, I got offered a role for another SBS series outright. Due to personal issues, I turned it down. And even though I had the complete control to accept this role or turn it down.. somehow it was a shock to my system. After such a high in Fiji, I was ready to be launched forward into my acting career, where I believe (and still believe) that God had planned for me. But instead, nothing really happened after that. I started going through my mind why I wasn’t busy. I wasn’t particularly fulfilled with physiotherapy… and I found that I really didn’t have much to do during the day (as my patient load for physio was quite low). I was getting frustrated at having so much time on my hands. I was feeling unproductive and pretty worthless with not being able to use my time more productively.

After a few days of moaning, a thought dropped in my head….

If I were busy filming or if something had happened where I were busy.. I would reflect back to when I was relaxed and restful.. and wished I had known to cherish that moment a little more. I could use this time to blog more, learn more skills, get closer to God.

A few weeks later after my revelation, my grandma had a sudden operation as they had found cancer stomach and it involved a lot of sleepless nights, driving to and forth the hospital with helping my family out and trying to see patients. By all means, sickness is not from God.. but the very things that I was annoyed with (having too much spare time) was exactly what I was longing for when my grandma was sick. I also was aware that all those times that I found I had taken my time with my grandma for granted. And the reality set in that I needed to cherish more time that I do have with her.

So whats the season that you were wishing for?
Are you wishing for a promotion?
Are you wishing for a breakthrough career?
Wishing for a partner?
Wishing for a holiday?

Good ole solomon in Ecclesiastes:

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:
a time to be born, and a time to die;
a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted;
a time to kill, and a time to heal;
a time to break down, and a time to build up;
a time to weep, and a time to laugh;
a time to mourn, and a time to dance;
a time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together;
a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;

Ecclesiastes 1-22

So what season are you in right now? Are you enjoying the season that you are in? Sometimes we start complaining of the thing that were used to pray for. So many people pray for that spouse, but before they know it, they start complaining about the exact thing they were praying for.

There might be miracles in your life, but you are unable to see them as you are focusing on the future so much.

So how do you change your perspective?

  1. Start focusing on the present and your surroundings.
    We are aesthetic beings and we notice pretty things.  At the cafe. At the beach. Be aware of your surrounds. Notice how nice the sand feels on your skin. Notice the beautiful luscious greenery in the cafe. Notice how beautiful the location is where you are shooting. Notice the people who you are working with- how hard working, diligent, focused. Notice the clouds how they move. Notice how there are people with babies walking about, and younger couples, and older couples. Notice the people who are laughing, crying, in pain. If this is not normal for you. Start going to places and list 5 things that you notice about the place 🙂
  2. Count your blessings
    Start by looking around big then get smaller. Or vice versa.
    For example, I start with saying that I’m thankful that I’m in Australia, in Sydney, In New South Wales, I have a roof over my head, fresh water to drink out of the tap, fresh air to breathe in my lungs, I’m 15 minutes from the beach and city. I’m thankful for my family who may be dysfunctional at times, but they try their best to love and take care of each other. Thankful for my friends who are close and even those who have walked out of my life. Thankful for my past- for the exs who broke my heart as it has made me who I am today.  Thankful for my agent who is amazing, supportive and incredibly hardworking, . The privilege of being able to work on a commercial or a film/tv show with experienced actors.
    Then I go small- for the breakfast I had this morning to fuel my day, the coffee that wakes me up, the clothes that keep me warm.
    Thank the miracles- the person I met at the audition, the bus stop. I have a crazy story. My friend was going away and it was her birthday. She was having a particularly bad day and even broke down crying at the table about her life. We were all struggling financially, and because of a hiccup they did to our food order. This cafe ended up giving us 2 free cakes. And because they did a hiccup with the cake as well they gave us a free coffee… Which never usually happens. But we didn’t even notice.. until 2-3 hours hit and I was like… did we just get cake from heaven?! God knew we were all poor (at the time) and provided free cake because he knew she needed cheering up. But none of us took notice until a few hours later. Just because you didn’t notice it, doesn’t mean the miracle didn’t exist.
  3. Focus on what you can change than what you can’t
    Your situation wont change, but what you do during this season can. What do you need for your next season? What will equip you to make your next season, not to survive but to THRIVE. Work on that.
    If you need 4 years to get a job in finance, then do the time and work to the goal that you are wishing for. Do classes. Pick up seminars. Network. Meet new friends. But don’t just do it for the sake of filling in time. Actual invest in the time you do things the things that you do. Often or not, it’ll play into your future and something you will reflect on, whether good or bad.
  4. Be the miracle to another person
    How can you serve others until you receive your breakthrough. True leadership comes from serving. Jesus gave himself before he was on the throne. Most of us want to be exalted but do not want to humble ourselves. So instead of waiting everybody else to give you something – that job, that love, that audition, that child. How can you help another person? Perhaps, you can be generous with your time to that person who does have a child – it’ll teach you how hard it’ll be to be a parent.
  5. Get off social media or unfollow those that give you FOMO
    The biggest enemy is comparison. Comparing yourself with others and where they are in life. Start to block/ unfollow people that you know aren’t helping you with your current season. Also it may bring out certain feelings such a jealousy, resentment, irritation. Deal with it. It’s better to also ask God “Why am I feeling jealous of them? Am I unfulfilled in myself that I cannot rejoice in other peoples endeavours?” You will notice he will reveal things to you. Also remember that the path he has made for you, is specifically for you.
  6. Ask Questions.
    What season are you in? What do you think you are learning from this season? What is God trying to teach you? Is he moulding your character during this time? Is this a season to be uprooted or planted? Are you learning to be patient? To not be a people pleaser? To be bolder? To be firm in your convictions? Maybe he’s teaching you to take on less if you overly commit? Maybe he’s teaching you to be able to manage your time better. Often or not, he builds character through testing before he puts you in a place of blessing so it continues to keep you humble.
  7. Surround yourself with community that love and encourage you
    If you are going through a particular hard season, or a long season of hardship, surround yourself with people that can pray and love on you. It’s difficult doing life on your own, and thankfully there are people that can encourage you- its easier to get out of a pit with another person. As I was writing most of this blog, I got severely tested as I previously mentioned. And I had a meltdown where everything I had written about, I had felt and gone through. I literally cried 3 times over something significantly small, but what I was feeling was real- it was frustration, anger, resentment, confusion over my recent situation.. and the best thing my friend did for me was speak truth. She spoke truth, she encouraged me to continue pushing on and keep looking to Jesus, to remember that earthly things are going to pass away, but to keep my treasures up in heaven, to wrestle with God for my blessings and vent it all at God. Then she covered me in prayer. And at that time, I remembered I’m not supposed to do this on my own. I’m supposed to do it with people who love me. And so do you.

So remember whatever you are going through, whatever season you are in.. is only temporary.

Keep on pressing onto God.

I hope this blesses you and love you all so much! X


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